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Alumni Spotlight

Most editions of The Report, RPTA's quarterly newsletter, include spotlights on alumni. We encourage you to read The Report, but we also want to highlight our fabulous alumni even more with this dedicated space.


Zach Mullinax (RPTA '04)


By Davia Montoya, originally appeared in Winter 2008 edition of "The Report"

Zach came to Cal Poly for the Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration program and Cal Poly’s Baseball team. Zach enjoyed the opportunity provided by the various concentrations. He decided not to play baseball his second year, and focused on building his resume with field experience. This is how Zach became involved in ASI as the student chair for campus concerts. In this capacity he brought Zach in office performers such as Incubus and Jason Marz to Cal Poly.

Becoming involved with ASI concerts, Zach had the opportunity to meet Incubus and their agent, John Harrington. He completed an internship during his senior year with Variety Artisits.

Zach continues his employment and currently represents ten of his own clients and has booked over 800 shows.

Zach’s advice for those interested in the music business is that there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who are avid about it. If interested, he recommends reading Don Passman’s book “All You Need to Know about the Music Business.”







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