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Event Planning and Experience Management Minor

Effective April 2018 - The Minor has reached capacity. If you are interested in pursing the minor next academic year [2018-2019], please email subject line: 'EPEM Minor Waitlist' to be placed on waitlist.

Please review the EPEM minor [24 units] via the Cal Poly Catalog.

Application [CLOSED]:

No minor courses can be taken until the student has been accepted into the minor and it is listed on their Degree Progress Report and PolyProfile.

The Event Planning and Experience Management Minor is open to all majors, except Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration.

  • The minor enrollment is capped at 30 students per academic year.  New students are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Students must have sophomore, junior or senior standing.

  • A 3.0 or higher Cal Poly Cumulative GPA or Higher Education GPA is required.

  • The minor must be able to be completed prior to, or at the same time as, the requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

    Contact the Minor Coordinator, Dianne Korth, to apply. 

    NOTE: please insert subject line: Event Planning & Experience Management Minor

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