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Graduate Program

The Experience Industry Management Department offers a Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Management specialization providing students with advanced study for management positions in the leisure industry or to pursue a career in higher education.

The program currently focuses on applied social science research with faculty specializing in the following emphasis areas: tourism planning (to include adventure, agri-, food, eco-, sustainable, & wine tourism), special event management, park & recreation resource management, human dimensions of natural resources, community recreation, sport management, youth development, and outdoor recreation management (outdoor education & leadership).

M.S. in Agriculture, Specialization in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Management

Link to the 2013-2015 catalog that includes course descriptions.

Required Courses  
POLS 510 Research Design 4
RPTA 450 Resource and Grant Development 4
RPTA 527 Leisure Behavior and Theory 4
RPTA 581 Graduate Seminar in Recreation, Parks and Tourism (1+1) 2
RPTA 599 Thesis in Recreation, Parks and Tourism 9
STAT 513 Applied Experimental Design and Regression Models 4
Approved Electives*  
Any 400 and 500 level courses approved by the graduate committee 18
Total units 45

* At least half of all units required by the committee as reflected on the formal study plan must be at the 500 level.

Prerequisites: In order to develop a solid academic background, students who have not completed a BS/BA degree in an equivalent recreation-related discipline will be required to take the following undergraduate courses: RPTA 360 & STAT 512

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