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Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration Curriculum Information

Official curriculum information is updated on a 2-year basis. Students have the ability to choose the 2-year "catalog" (i.e., curriculum sheet) that they will follow for a graduation plan (as long as they were enrolled during that span). Consult your advisor if questions arise.

Please note. Individual departments make ongoing changes based on a number of factors including student interest, faculty availability to teach certain classes, etc. A link to Course and Curricular Updates appears below for your reference.

Resources and Documents

2017-19 Catalog Course Descriptions (Quickest route is to enter "RPTA" in search box above catalog image)
Course and Curricular Updates (master list for Cal Poly)
Course Schedule
Academic Calendars
Concentration Listings

03-05 Curriculum Sheet
05-07 Curriculum Sheet
07-09 Curriculum Sheet
09-11 Curriculum Sheet
11-13 Curriculum Sheet
13-15 Curriculum Sheet

15-17 Curriculum Sheet
17-19 Curriculum Sheet

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