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All of the episodes for this podcast are special,  and in this week's guest, Marcy Maloney, you get to hear from a woman who has reached the very top of what all of us who identify with Cal Poly hold dear Cal Poly Associated Students, Inc. ASI! 

As executive director of ASI, Marcy has done an extraordinarily good job leading the organization. She and her staff have hired countless numbers of our Experience Industry Management students over the years in essentially being a Learn by Doing lab for the department.

And, Marcy was a part of the very first class of Recreation students in 1976! How cool is that?

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This one, in particular, is stellar in featuring Rodrigo Espinosa who is the chair of our department's Advisory Council and is a Vice President for George P Johnson Experience Marketing in charge of Growth & Development, North America + Head of Latin America. Espinosa is an alumnus in Speech Communication (Journalism) at Cal Poly, but he's been serving our department on the Advisory Council for over 10 years.


Rodrigo Espinosa (SPC '97), Vice President, Growth & Development, North America + Head of Latin America for George P Johnson Experience Marketing and Chair of the Advisory Council for Cal Poly's Experience Industry Management Department


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Dr. Greenwood


Brian Greenwood, Ph.D.
Sport & Recreation Management Co-Coordinator
Experience Industry Management
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Phone: (805) 756-5093

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