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Club Information EIM and Rho Phi Lambda

EIM Club invitation to join open to all students

Experience Industry Management Club strives to provide both educational and social opportunities for students. We have career networking opportunities with professional guest speakers, socials to meet others in the major and minor, and volunteer opportunities! We have biweekly meetings with snacks, speakers, and lots of fun! Are you interested in event planning, sports and recreation management, or tourism, hospitality, and destination management? Experience Industry Management Club is the place for you!2023-24 EIM Club Officers

Make sure you check back in with us by following follow our social media for more information! See you there!

2023-2024 Officers:

President: Carmel Johnson
Vice-President: Yoav Hessler
Secretary: Taja Maycock
Treasurer: Jack Busch
Social Media Chair: Emma Manning
Event Coordinator: Isabella Leyva
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Keri Schwab

PURPOSE: The EIM Club is a student organization at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Its primary focus is to serve students, whether majors or not, interested in recreation, parks, and tourism administration (RPTA). The EIM Club strives to provide educational as well as social opportunities for students.

WHAT DOES EIM CLUB HAS TO OFFER YOU?      Career networking opportunities with professional guest speakers, peer advice, help with Cal Poly classes, and the potential for RPTA students to work on their 1000 hours of volunteer service.

EVENTS:   EIM Club hosts local social events such as hiking trips, beach days, and attending Cal Poly athletic games. The club has also held larger excursions such as camping at Big Sur and touring Hearst Castle.  In spring quarter, EIM Club directs the planning and coordination of the EIM Department End-of-the-Year Banquet. Opportunities to apply and experience recreation and leisure as a student, participant, and programmer. 

Experience Industry Management Career Fair March 8, 2024 - Save the Date - 10-2pm in UU room 220!

Rho Phi Lambda Career Fair date of March 8 from 10-2pm in University Union bldg. 65 room 220. Thank you last year's participants! We appreciate your participation and look forward to hosting you next year!






Thank you for your interest and we would appreciate your comments, and/or suggestions. Email to Rho Phi Lambda at .

The members of Rho Phi Lambda, Experience Industry Management faculty, and the Cal Poly students appreciate your continued support! Looking forward to seeing you next year at Rho Phi Lambda Career Fair at Cal Poly!

Rho Phi Lambda

PURPOSE: Rho Phi Lambda is a professional Recreation, Parks, and Leisure National Honorary Society that aspires to recognize, promote, and encourage students of high moral character and unselfish devotion to the study, research, and application of knowledge to the betterment of recreation, parks, and leisure for all people and recognizing those that have made outstanding contributions to the field.

Rho Phi Lamda Honors Officer TeamInterested in learning more about Rho Phi Lambda? Rho Phi Lambda's Facebook!
or follow Rho Phi Lambda's Instagram @rhophilambdacp

Throughout the year, members will partake in various professional development trips to gain hands-on experience. This embodies the Cal Poly 'Learn by Doing' motto.

Rho Phi Lambda also hosts an annual career fair. This connects students with companies in our field throughout California.

Logo for Rho Phi LambdaREQUIREMENTS: ~ 3.0 Cal Poly GPA ~ 3.2 RPTA GPA ~At least 67 quarter units completed, at least 12 of which are RPTA units ~Evidence of outstanding leadership ~Evidence of service to the campus and/or community.

2023-24 Officers:
President: Maddie Kelly
Vice President: Chloe Goddard
Treasurer: Julie Solomon
Event Coord: Phillip Coronado
Social Media: Linique Bouwer
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Marni Goldenberg and Pei Zhang

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