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Cal Poly RPTA's Dr. Keri Schwab Expert on WalletHub

Contact:  Cal Poly RPTA reprinted with permission from WalletHub
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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA— Dr. Keri Schwab, Assistant Professor of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration at California Polytechnic State University was featured by WalletHub recently. Topic of discussion - Are staycations a good money-saving idea?

Are staycations a good money-saving idea?

For families, the benefits of a traditional vacation can be many; time away from everyday stressors, a break from routine, novel or sometimes challenging experiences, and a chance to see each other in new roles, or participate in new activities together. All those things combined can help family members bond as they share new experiences, in an unfamiliar place, and often in smaller living quarters than they're used to.

A staycation, if coupled with a little bending of the normal family rules, routines, and habits, can definitely reap some of those benefits, without breaking the bank.

What activities can families do locally without breaking the bank?

Vacations can provide lots of mental, physical and social benefits such as an escape from everyday life, and time and space to relax and reconnect. They can also offer families novel experiences, adventure, or challenge, through which family members can create shared memories and appreciation for one another. While this can come from doing things you're always doing (going to the park, playing catch), new experiences provide novelty for everyone, can level the experience playing field, and can heighten the bonding as everyone struggles, laughs, and enjoys the experience together.

A successful staycation must be crafted to intentionally create mental and physical space for new experiences.

Make it a "playcation," and really set your mind to trying new things together.  In example find local affordable activities by asking friends what they do on a Sunday afternoon together.  Even if it's something you don't think you'd like, what's the harm in giving it a try just once?  ..... to continue reading WalletHub's article


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