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New Student Academic Day WOW 2020

EIM Fall Orientation/Academic Day 2020 

Wednesday September 9 


Plan for the Day  -- ZOOM Recording of Session -- recording of event link here >>>


  1. Welcome to the department! 

  2. Ice Breaker 

  3. Introductions: Faculty, Staff, and Student Guests 

  4. Getting Ready for Fall Quarter 

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Mutual Respect in the Zoom Classroom/The Mustang Way 

  1. Student Clubs 

  1. Faculty-led research 

  1. Getting Involved & Professional Development 

  1. EIM Podcast 

  1. Connect with EIM: Social Media 

  1. Welcome to the Department (2 minutes) 

  1. Ice Breaker – (5 minutes) 
    A peek behind the curtain activity.  Students will be divided up into break-out rooms of 3-5 and be invited to give everyone a “peek behind the curtain” into their living space.  In normal classrooms we are often in the class and our peers don’t often see our living quarters – this activity gives us a chance to share sweet parts of ourselves that we might not normally share.  Students can show people around their room and maybe point out something that is special or significant to them. 

  2. *If anyone feels uncomfortable, they can simply opt to choose a special item from their room and bring it to the camera, tell a little about it and why it’s special to them.  

  3. Name, why you chose Cal Poly, where are you attending school from in the fall, and your favorite breakfast food 

  4. Introductions (5 minutes) 

  5. Brief intro: Name, title, how long you’ve been in SLO/in the position, (if faculty, concentration/interest areas) & one pearl of wisdom each – 30 seconds max. 

  6. Getting ready for fall quarter – (5 minutes) 

  7. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Mutual Respect in the classroom (5 minutes) 

  8. Community agreements 

  9. Mutual respect & professionalism in the Zoom classroom 

  10. The Mustang Way

  11. Rho Phi Lambda and EIM Club presentations – officers (10 minutes) 

  12. Club activities 

  13. Professional development trips 

  14. Personal benefits from conferences (Visit CA, Cal Travel, CPRS, etc.)

  15. Faculty led research (5 minutes)

  16. Please provide brief descriptions of your research projects/current areas of interest that students might want to participate with.

  17. Getting involved & Professional development (3 minutes) 

  18. Examples of opportunities from the past, possibly available in the future: PCMA, SURP, RPL professional development trips, Auction/Dinner, Dream Force, CalTravel 

  19. EIM podcast, website and social media (2 minutes) 

All students entering the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences – either as a first-time freshman or as a transfer student – are expected to have a laptop computer to ensure access to computing capability at all times and in all locations, helping to support student success. The specifications provided below are designed to support students’ computing needs through at least four years of Cal Poly instruction. For additional, department-level computer specifications, please click the link in each department name.

The Cal Poly bookstore offers educational discounts for computing hardware. Students who are experiencing financial hardship and who do not have resources available to purchase a computer can contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if any one-time funding may be available. You should email your request to with the subject line: "CAFES Computer Need." Cal Poly provides a host of IT support resources for students.

Experience Industry Management Department Students

Operating System: Mac or PC
Size: 13" or 15"
Screen: at least full HD screen [1920X1080]
Processor: Intel Core i7
Ram: 16 GB ram
Storage: 1 TB SSD
In example: Dell XPS 15 ~ $1,700, MacBook Pro 16 ~ $2,399

Cal Poly bookstore offers educational discussions for you! Check it out here >>

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