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Spring 2010 Newsletter

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By: Dr. Bill Hendricks, Department Head

As we wrap up another academic year and look back upon 2009-10 it has simply been an amazing year! In spite of budget reductions, furloughs, an uncertain economy, preparation of a self-study for accreditation, and our first year as the RPTA Department, our students, staff and faculty have shined through it all. A look back Dr. Hendricks and wife Maggie at CalTIAprovides a perspective on just how incredible of a year this has been. We began with a bang at the Department celebration and Vince Gill concert hosted by the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians. The co-curricular activities continued with our sustainable tourism panel hosted by Hornblower Events & Cruises and a trip to AT&T Park, attendance at the CPRS Conference in Palm Springs by 36 students and six faculty, our annual auction and dinner fundraiser, a professional partners exchange in the San Jose area organized by Rho Phi Lambda, the annual Rho Phi Lambda Career Fair, RPTA Club guest speakers and outdoor excursions, our annual awards banquet, and attendance by 14 students and two faculty at the California Conference on Tourism in San Francisco. We also hosted a campus visit by Bruce Baltin, Senior Vice President of PKF Consulting as a participant in the CSU Hospitality Management Education Initiative adopt-a-campus program.

In this issue of the newsletter you will read in detail about many of the above activities and the accomplishments of a few of our outstanding students. I hope that each of you will take the time this summer to live out the RPTA vision “Healthy Lifestyles, Memorable Places, Life-Enhancing Experiences.” If you are one of our graduating seniors, congratulations, and don’t forget as my dad always said, “keep those cards and letters (emails) coming.”

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By Kerri Ramgren (RPTA '12), Staff Writer

Show us where you have gone by taking the best picture with our new bright yellow RPTA water bottle, making us jealous of your recreational travels and endeavors. RPTA water bottle at a temple in Israel

How do you get an RPTA water bottle? Good question. Students receive one who are involved with the department through professional development opportunities at conferences, Open House, etc.

Alumni receive one by visiting our booth at conferences or by attending special alumni socials. Or, if you have a particularly cool trip planned, stop by the office of Dr. Hendricks or Dr. Brian Greenwood, and they'll give you a water bottle to keep you hydrated along the way (as long as you promise to take and submit a picture).

Submit your picture with your destination to Dr. Greenwood at Give us your best shot!

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By Kathy Nishimura (RPTA '11), Staff Writer

On May 27th, 2010, RPTA celebrated the "Sweet Side of Life" at the Annual Year-End Banquet. The event was held at the Madonna Inn and was filled with bright colors and candy of all sorts. Tickets were sold out to this event that celebrated the end of the academic year and the graduating seniors.

RPTA Class of 2010 pose for group shot at the end-of-the-year banquet

Co-chair Dana Matteson stated that a goal of this event was to highlight the graduating seniors as well as create a fun event outside of classroom walls so everyone can take a break from their hectic schedules. The theme for this year’s banquet was chosen from the designs made in the RPTA 420: Festival and Event Management class. The theme “Celebrate the Sweet Side of Life” was a design made by student Katy Gutman.

Candy "bar" at the banquetStepping into the room was like walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. From a candy bar designed by Cera Singley to candy-like décor and bright colors, it was a kid’s dream come true. Students and faculty dressed up in bright colors and wore dessert-themed costumes. Guests participated in activities that involved having a good time as well as mingling with each other. Some of the activities included games of Twister, Pie-eating/bubblegum blowing contest (won by Jordan Basile), raffles, dancing, and awards.

The following are the awards and scholarships awarded at the banquet:
Outstanding Senior:Dana Matteson accepts Outstanding Contribution award from Professor Root
Meagan Phibbs
Outstanding Contributions (to Department):
Dana Matteson
Thom Group Award:
Mattie Allison
Outstanding Contributions (to RPTA & Field):
Betsy Kiser (retiring from SLO Parks & Recreation)
Honored Alumnus:
Amy Golladay
RPTA Excellence Senior Project Award
(sponsored by Pismo Coast Village RV):

Jasmine Donnelly & Corbie Smith
Pismo Coast Village RV Scholarship:
Amy Lepp & Kristen McClay
Ashley D. Richardson Scholarship:
Amber Black
Outstanding Graduate Student:
Justin Schmillen

This whole event would not have been possible without the hard work of the planning committee, which consisted of co-chairs Dana Matteson and Heidi Diestel, and members Cera Singley, Jennifer Lovas, Kim Fraga, Courtney Winters, Taylor Shenton, Nika Jalali, Caitlin Suttich, Kelly Vordale, Rusty Bruner, and faculty advisor Kendi Root. This group had been working hard every week since the beginning of the quarter to make this event a success. We would also like to thank the Vordale Family for their generous contribution as well as the Madonna Inn for hosting us.

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By Dr. Bill Hendricks, Department Head

Balancing co-curricular activities and academics can be a challenge for many students; however, this spring during finals week, 14 RPTA students took significant extra steps towards their professional development by attending the California Conference on Tourism. Two of these students, Meagan Phibbs and Corbie Smith received full scholarships to attend the conference from the California Travel Industry Association.

RPTA advisory council member Ed Conn of National Geographic Traveler talks to students

The educational sessions and networking opportunities at the conference were phenomenal. Student attendees volunteered at the Cal Poly RPTA booth during the “Marketplace Lounge” and interacted daily with leading industry professionals. Educational sessions provided cutting-edge information about social media, industry trends, leadership, tourism legislation, sustainable tourism, and traveler demographics.

The conference is perhaps best summed up by comments from a couple of the student attendees. Nika Jalali, who served as a student coordinator for the RPTA attendees, said, “CalTIA was an opportunity for professional and social involvement that I never imagined. The networking opportunities at CalTIA were endless.” RPTA juniorGroup of RPTA students pose outside conference center at CalTIA Mike Disraeli stated, “Attending this conference was the best business decision that I have ever made. As one of 14 Cal Poly RPTA students surrounded by some of the most influential people in California, we had a rare chance to make a lasting impression. In addition to the unique networking opportunities, the educational sessions/keynote speakers were informative and inspirational.”

It is only through the financial support of the RPTA family of friends and alumni that the department is able to provide incredible experiences like this for its students. It truly is paying big dividends for RPTA graduates through Cal Poly’s learn by doing philosophy.

To learn more about the California Travel Industry Association, visit:

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By Kerri Ramgren (RPTA '12), Staff Writer

Picture of pier in BelizeImagine water so clear you can see through to the white sand, crystal blue skies lined with palm trees, surrounded by a tropical rain forest. Words alone, however, are insufficient to describe the picturesque setting of Belize, this past year's destination for the adventure travel and tourism course taught by Dr. Jacobs. Twenty-one students joined Jacobs over Spring Break for a memorable trip to this tiny nation on the eastern coast of Central America.

The group traveled to the Tropical Education Center, then to the 1.5 acre island Billyhawk Caye. They did everything to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime experience incorporating the Garifuna culture of cooking, dancing, drumming, fishing, and visiting Mayan ruins. They also went cave tubing, fishing with the owners of the island, and learned about the surrounding geography and culture.

Tina Condon-Sherwood claimed her “best experience was just getting to know everyone that went on the trip.” She made 23 new best friends by the end and said she “learned a lot about [herself].”

RPTA students pose in front of ancient ruins in Belize
This was the first time that she had left the country, and she encourages those who haven’t traveled yet to go on these adventures with RPTA.

Robert Cooper, an experienced student traveler and adventurer, took last spring's RPTA 412 course (cruise to Mexico). Cooper RPTA students with inner tubes in Belizesaw the stark contrast between the two and loved them both. Condon-Sherwood and Cooper agreed Belize is the place to learn a lot and have the time of your life!

The adventure travel and tourism course is offered every winter quarter. Students enrolled in that course have the option of enhancing the academic experience through the educational trip over Spring Break. The course and trip are offered annually and have become a staple of the RPTA experience.

(Photos courtesy of RPTA junior Eddie Stefani)

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By Anthonia Edgren (RPTA '12), Editor-in-Training

Open House, spelunking, professional development speakers, Wildflower Triathlon, and Relay for Life. These activities are just a few of the many that have kept the members of the RPTA club involved and active during the Spring Quarter.

At the start of the quarter, members of the RPTA Club represented the department at the Open House event in April educating the community and prospective students about the many opportunities available through the club and department. In late April, several members had the opportunity to join Poly Escapes on a spelunking (also known as caving) trip. Members were able to explore the caves while getting muddy and experiencing something new. Sarah Cerullo, a club member who attended the trip, said, "I had a wonderful time getting to know fellow club members better, pushing myself a little outside my comfort zone in a small, damp and cramped cave, and getting muddy while scaling new found spaces!"

May brought the annual Wildflower Triathlon, one of the largest triathlons on the West Coast with thousands of participants and volunteers who attend each year. Members volunteered at the event, joining forces with the CalRPTA Club members posing at booth at Open House Poly Club Tennis Team to help run and support the athletes. On May 15th and 16th, the RPTA Club worked towards finding a cure for cancer by participating in the Relay for Life. Members worked hard to get donations and sponsorships raising funds and awareness about the quest for a cure.

As the year comes to a conclusion, the RPTA Club would like to give thanks to its "retiring" board members: Mattie Allison (President), Mike Smith (Vice President), Evie Ewers (Social Chair), Kaitlyn Mullinax (Social Chair), Robert Cooper (Ag Council Representative), Haley Yoder (Secretary), and Kelsey O'Lea (Treasurer).

Club president Mattie Allison expressed her gratitude, “For all the committee members who put together meetings, events, volunteer opportunities, and trips, I thank you. To all the faculty members who supported the club in its drive to stand out among others, I thank you. To all the members who showed up to the meetings, ate otter pops, and were actively involved in numerous events, I thank you. It has been my pleasure to be of service to the department, and I thank you all greatly for the unforgettable opportunity that has been presented. To the future committee members - take this club by the reigns and rock it! You are going to do great things!”

The RPTA Club would also like to give a huge thanks to their faculty advisor, Dr. Brian Greenwood, who has helped and supported the club in all its undertakings this year. The RPTA Club will be back in action next fall quarter with even more exciting events, activities and trips.

Be sure to join the best club on campus this fall!

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By: Dani Correll (RPTA '11), Staff writer

On Friday, April 23rd, the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration department was fortunate enough to receive a visit from Bruce Baltin, the Senior Vice President and Executive in Charge of PKF Consulting. Based out of Los Angeles, PKF Consulting provides advisory and consulting services for the hospitality industry. Baltin manages the firm’s Asset Advisory Services on the West Coast.

Picture of Bruce BaltinWith over 30 years of experience, Baltin is a highly regarded specialist in the hospitality industry. He is regularly quoted in the media on related matters and speaks periodically to university audiences, including University of Nevada Las Vegas and Cal Poly Pomona. He is knowledgeable in economic, financial, and operational analyses for the hospitality industry.

Baltin’s visit to Cal Poly was made possible thanks to the California State University (CSU) Hospitality Management Education Initiative's adopt-a-campus program. The visit started with a meeting with Bill Hendricks, the RPTA department head. Baltin then attended a meet and greet with RPTA students, hosted by Cera Singley and Lindsay Campbell. Baltin was then a guest speaker in Professor Kendi Root’s Hotel and Resort Mangement class before having lunch with the RPTA Club and Rho Phi Lambda leaders. Baltin finished his visit with a campus tour and meetings with the CAFES management team and faculty.

The RPTA department faculty and students would like to thank Bruce Baltin for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his experience and knowledge in the hospitality field.

For more information on PKF Consulting, visit:

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By: Kathy Nishimura (RPTA '11), Staff writer

Rho Phi Lambda is Cal Poly RPTA’s honors fraternity and hosts the annual Career Fair each spring. This year, the event was on May 21st in the Performing Arts Center and showcased internship and career opportunities with many local businesses. President of Rho Phi Lambda, Dana Matteson, stated that the general career fairs at Cal Poly don’t offer many employers in our field. That is why having this career designed for RPTA is such a great opportunity for students in the department.

This year, the fair had a main focus of local employers in the San Luis Obispo area. On the afternoon of the fair, the Performing Arts Center lobby was dedicated to assisting students in search of a summer job or potential internship. All Cal Poly majors were welcomed to this event to network with professionals from the following employers:Students talk to professionals at the career fair
* San Luis Obispo Parks & Recreation
* Cass Winery
* Cal Poly Associated Students Incorporated
* Chumash Casino
* Simply Clear Marketing
* Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa
* San Luis Obispo Visitors & Conference Bureau
* Pismo Beach Conference & Visitors Bureau
* Cal Poly Athletics
* V. Sattui Winery

The RPTA department would like to thank these companies as well as the officers of Rho Phi Lambda for creating this great opportunity.

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By: Kerri Ramgren (RPTA '12), Staff writer

At this time of the year, students are stressed by final grades and job searches, but one RPTA student in particular is finishing up an opportunity of a lifetime. Cassie Walitsch has spent the last few months serving as an intern for AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. Walitsch completed a Sport Management concentration with an emphasis in Event Planning & Management. That unique combination of academic training combined with her experience with the San Luis Obispo Blues and Cal Poly Athletics led to Walitsch being a finalist for internships with AT&T Park and Baseball Operations for the Giants. AT&T Park offered first, and Walitsch's new "office" overlooked the bay with enough seating for 41,915. Cassie Walitsch posing with Dr. Hendricks at AT&T Park

Every day brought new challenges, allowing Walitsch to use the skills learned throughout her experiences here at Cal Poly. Walitsch worked with the event coordinators, the senior events director, the sales coordinator, and also the marketing manager. With her dual academic preparation, she found it to be a “perfect combination for this internship.” She was able to help out with both the sporting side of baseball, as well as the events side of the job. Since most of the events were baseball-themed, Walitsch got the opportunity to experience the sporting aspect at all times.

Not only does Walitsch say that her job was amazing, but that the people with whom she worked were spectacular. She got to know a significant amount of the staff, helping her know the ins and outs of the industry as well as discover networking opportunities. Walitsch’s advice to those wanting a similar opportunity: “Start networking now, at every chance you get, even if you aren’t looking for a job. All the people at the top are at the top because of the people that they know. So look at your senior project as an opportunity to get where you want to go.”

As Pete Rose once said, “You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be—in baseball and in life.”

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By: Alex Biller (RPTA '10), Staff writer

This summer, second year RPTA student Carrie Nasby, has an opportunity that a little over a month ago she thought was improbable. She was recently offered an internship position in her home area of Los Angeles with the Dodgers baseball team.

Nasby took advantage of an email from Dr. Hendricks announcing positions with the Los Angeles Dodgers Street Team being offered by Cal Poly RPTA alumna Emily Meyer. A week after sending her resume and cover letter, Nasby received an e-mail scheduling an interview. Nasby immediately felt discouraged when she walked into a Picture of Carrie Nasbyroom where she was the only person without a Bachelors degree, as the other candidates either were working toward or possessed a Masters degree in sport management. Nasby left the Dodgers lobby thankful for the experience and proud that she made the final 12 out of 500 applicants but felt as if she was the least “qualified” for the job.

Nasby was elated when she received a call a week later from the Dodgers human resources departmen offering her the position. In fact, she had to send an email to get all the information she had missed on the phone because of her excitement. As a Street Team member, Nasby has the opportunity to work in several areas with the Dodgers. Some of her options include: Pre-Game on the field, Post Game, Bleacher Beach section, "This is my Town" section, The Viva Tent, DodgerLife Events, Mobile Marketing, and Auto Alley Sign Ups.

Because of Nasby’s academic plan to focus on an Event Planning and Management concentration, she said she is likely to do most of her work with Dodgerlife Events but would also like to experience many of the other ballpark options. When asked about the summer position with the Dodgers, Nasby said, “I am really looking forward to this position because I feel like I will directly be a part of the fans' experience…I absolutely love that I have options on where I can work. As if working for a Major League Baseball team wasn't exciting enough, I can switch up my shifts to be able to experience all the excitement in each position.”

Congratulations Carrie! We know you will make RPTA and Cal Poly proud.

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By: Kathy Nishimura (RPTA '11), Staff writer

At the Annual Year-End Banquet, the RPTA faculty selected two individuals for an Outstanding Contributions Award, and one of those awards was presented to Betsy Kiser, Director of SLO Parks & Recreation, as a token of the department’s appreciation for all of her efforts in supporting our major over the years.

As Director of Parks and Recreation for the city of San Luis Obispo, Kiser has given RPTA students endless Betsy Kiser and Dr. Hencdricks pose at the end-of-year banquetopportunities by hiring interns and employing students and alumni. Kiser, along with everyone in SLO Parks and Recreation, love having students as interns because “they are vibrant, fresh, bright, talented, and always eager to share and learn.”

Kiser first became involved with RPTA through its formerly offered concentration in Therapeutic Recreation. Having a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation, she was asked and accepted to continue the concentration for Professor Bob Meyers until the last of the concentration’s students graduated. As part of the faculty, she developed the current RPTA 252 class in Special Populations and taught the class until the late 1990s.

Kiser's journey in municipal parks and recreation began in 1987, holding positions with the City of Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, and for the past thirteen years in San Luis Obispo. She began as a Recreation Supervisor and moved up to the Director of Parks and Recreation. Kiser’s favorite part about her career is being able to provide quality services that help build a sense of community in San Luis Obispo and are essential to every citizen’s personal well-being.

The RPTA Department would like to thank Betsy Kiser for all she has done for Cal Poly, the RPTA faculty, and the students. We all wish her a happy retirement!

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By: Alex Biller (RPTA '10), Staff writer

This past winter, Vancouver may have played host to the Winter Olympic Games, but it also hosted Cal Poly’s own Jordan Basile. Basile, who plays on Poly’s Men’s Soccer Club, grew up in Lake Tahoe before coming to San Luis Obispo. He skied competitively on the North American freestyle skiing tour until a tough decision brought him to Cal Poly in 2006. When the Vancouver Olympic Games arrived this past winter, Basile applied for a work visa and was denied, however, he decided that it was too good of an experience to miss and took the quarter off to attend the games.

Jordan catching "mad air" on skis
During his time at the games, Basile hit the slopes to ski, watched event and medal ceremonies, and enjoyed the nightly live music, entertainment, shows and athletic atmosphere. He also had the wonderful opportunity to watch several of his friends from the skiing tour compete, with one winning a Bronze Medal for moguls.

Basile was impressed that most of the people he met spoke more than one language. Basile was very successful in networking, connecting with individuals such as an employee of the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) who helped shed some light on the production side of the Olympics. He learned that like many other special Jordan doing another freestyle ski jumpevents, the success, organization, and structure of the Olympic Games relies heavily on the help of volunteers. Basile left the games truly excited that he was able to enjoy such a large scale, international event.

An entrepreneur as well as an athlete, Basile started a clothing brand with his friend almost five years ago from a basement in Tahoe City. Today, Basile is still managing his clothing line, TahoeMade Attire, with men’s and women’s clothes and accessories in stores around the Tahoe area. Currently, he is expanding his brand to include more event productions, artist contributions and collaborations, and environmental awareness. With such a great range of talents and interests it can be expected that only great opportunities will come Jordan Basile’s way after graduation this spring.

Check out TahoeMade Attire on Facebook by clicking HERE

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By: Dani Correll (RPTA '11), Staff writer

At the beginning of Winter quarter, Adrienne Brabant found herself searching for an internship. Like many other seniors, Brabant had been listening to the faculty’s advice for the past 4 years and had made a point to build a Picture of Adrienne Brabantsolid network. Professor Kendi Root informed her of an internship opportunity with Hospice du Rhone, the world’s largest international celebration of Rhone variety wines. Although Brabant, with an Events Management concentration, had little previous knowledge of wine, she emailed the Director of Hospice du Rhone, secured an interview, and was hired on the spot.

Brabant's internship with Hospice du Rhone was administrative in nature and consisted of a wide variety of responsibilities including: answering phones, responding to emails, updating an Excel database, and doing inventory of all of their wines. The largest of her responsibilities was to assist in the planning and execution of Hospice du Rhone’s 18th annual three-day wine event held in Paso Robles, CA on April 29 through May 1. Suppliers to this event came from around the globe: Paso Robles, Napa Valley, Washington, Australia, and New Zealand.

Brabant said that the best part of the internship was knowing that all of her hard work over the past 4 years has paid off. She was able to apply knowledge learned previously in event management classes to her responsibilities with Hospice du Rhone. The hardest part of the internship was the working around a lack of time and man power, coupled with a lack of sleep.

After graduation, Brabant plans to travel, including a biking trip from Canada to Mexico in July. She also dreams of living in France or traveling to Spain before possibly opening an events management company in the Bay Area. Brabant’s advice to future internship-seeking students: Get to know the faculty. The more they know you, the better the recommendation they can give you. Know yourself; know your strengths and your weaknesses. Also, always remember to build your network. Great advice from a very successful student intern!

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By: Alex Biller (RPTA '10), Staff writer

Jackie Garcia, a first year RPTA student from Bakersfield, has always been fascinated with the Disney Company and that is what ultimately drove her to the RPTA major. She says that her “ultimate career goal is to work for Disney in anything related to event planning, tourism, or public relations.” Picture of Jackie Garcia

Prior to coming to Cal Poly, she had been active in Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school, following the path that her two older brothers took in joining the program. Over spring break, Garcia was given the opportunity to attend the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) conference at Disney World free of charge. The conference focused on leadership and diversity and according to Garcia, “was the perfect combination for me: agriculture, leadership, diversity, and Disney.”

While at the conference, Garcia was one of 24 others from around the nation that competed in a public speaking contest. The top six speeches were chosen to be given at the conference where they would be judged. Garcia was one of the top six selected, and she performed her speech at the conference. Her speech, “Development Through Diversity" took second place, and she was awarded with a $200 prize. In addition to this honor, Garcia was elected to serve as an officer for FFA.

Following this school year, Garcia will take the year off to serve as the California Association FFA State Secretary. California’s FFA has over 68,000 members. and approximately 5,000 of those members attended the annual State FFA Conference where Garcia was elected. She went through the four-day interview process and was one of the six elected from the original 70 candidates. Garcia states that, “the main objective of this year of service is to be an advocate for agriculture education and the agriculture industry as a whole. I am very passionate about agriculture, as it is the industry that provides for us all; food, clothing and shelter.” Picture of Jackie Garcia

Garcia will move in to the FFA Center in Galt, CA on June 12th with the other elected officers. Her summer will consist of traveling throughout California and to other states attending leadership training conferences with the other 5 elected officers. Towards the end of summer and into the next year, the officers will begin putting on their own conferences and workshops. When school begins next year, the officers will travel to high schools throughout the state presenting agriculture and leadership-based curriculum that she and her fellow officers have created. The officers are set to travel between 40,000 and 50,000 miles in California alone and visit over 100 high schools. She will continue traveling and teaching until new officers are elected at next year’s California FFA Conference.

Congratulations to Jackie and we wish you continued success. We know you will make us proud!

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By Anthonia Edgren (RPTA '12), Editor-in-Training

Chris Stehula is victorious at NationalsChris Stehula, a graduating RPTA senior, has finally achieved what he has been working towards for six years, the title of USAT National Collegiate Champion. In an interview with, Stehula stated, “I was training to win this year. Everyone underestimated me except my training partners. I couldn’t have done this without them. This was my last chance and I knew that I needed to step up and kill it.” And "kill it," he did. Crossing the finish line at 1 hour, 48 minutes and 54 seconds, Stehula claimed victory and achieved his goal.

By virtue of his collegiate national championship, Stehula, a native of San Luis Obispo, was invited to attend the International University Sports Federation’s (FISU) 10th-annual World University Championships in Valencia, Spain this past May. The draft-legal team racing style was new for Stehula, as he finished "somewhere in the 25-35" range. The experience was incredible, however, as Stehula learned a lot about team racing and got to spend a day in Barcelona in addition to the time in Valencia with other world-class athletes. After graduation, Stehula plans to focus on a professional career as a triathlete. Congratulations to Chris Stehula and best of luck in your athletic career.

To read more about Stehula's victory, click here for an EverymanTri article.

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By Kathy Nishimura (RPTA '11), Staff Writer

From her hometown of Pleasanton, California, Kelly Rowse had always known she wanted to attend Cal Poly. “It has been my dream school since I was a child,” she stated. She loved the atmosphere, beach, and people of the town, all of which contributed to that dream.

Picture of Kelly RowseHer interest in RPTA was sparked by Alyce Henry, a neighbor and alumna of the department, who also shared her love for event planning. Rowse’s favorite part about Cal Poly thus far has been the amount of opportunities she is constantly given to expand her learning through Cal Poly’s motto “Learn-by-Doing.” These opportunities have allowed her to take classes that provide hands on experiences such as a floral arrangement and event program planning in RPTA 210.

Outside of the classroom, Rowse is on the Cal Poly Women’s Soccer Club. She enjoys being able to travel with the team and even made it to Nationals in Phoenix this past year. During the rest of her time at Cal Poly, she hopes to travel, learn French, and study abroad in France. This summer, Rowse will be interning and assisting in weddings under the special events coordinator at Wente Winery in Livermore.

In regards to future career goals, Rowse stated, “I would really like to stay in the event industry and see where it takes me.” Rowse advises high school students who are interested in RPTA to discover their passion. “Find out what you want to do and start trying different areas,” she stated. There are many different directions that RPTA can take students. Experiencing different areas can not only build up résumés, but also help discover one’s passion.

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Anthonia Edgren (RPTA '12), Editor-in-Training
Going into her second year, Edgren looks forward to once again writing for The Report and serving as the Editor in 2010-2011. Planning on concentrating in Sport Management with an emphasis in Event Planning and Management, Edgren would like to one day become a manager for the San Diego Chargers, her hometown team. Her favorite activities are being with family, watching football, playing tennis, Tae Kwon Do, and having a nice cup of coffee.

Anna Dickson (RPTA '10), Outgoing Editor
Dickson served as the Editor of "The Report" this past academic year after serving as assistant editor the previous year. As editor, she was responsible for assisting to revamp the format for the newsletter, adding staff writers, and developing a more seamless system for staff communication and editing through Google Docs. Dickson handed the editorial reins over to Anthonia Edgren this last quarter and focused on being a culinary adventure blog writer under the moniker Chef Banana. Check out her blog at
Thanks to Anna for her service to "The Report" and congratulations on graduating!

Alex Biller (RPTA '10), Staff Writer
Biller is one of our 2010 graduating RPTA seniors. He is finishing his time here with a concentration in Sports Management and an internship with the SLO Rattlers over the summer. In his lifetime, Biller has broken over fifteen bones in his body a tribute to his adventurous personality. From Encinitas in San Diego Biller has a true passion for sports cheering on his favorite hometown teams, the San Diego Chargers and Padres.
Thanks to Alex for his service to "The Report" and congratulations on graduating!

Dani Correll (RPTA '11), Staff Writer
Correll is looking forward to her second year at Cal Poly after transferring from a Junior College. She plans on concentrating in Event Planning and Management and is already gaining experience working at the Cliffs Resort. A talented individual, Correll is a salsa instructor as well as a fire dancer, a talent she learned while in Honduras.

Kathy Nishimura (RPTA '11), Staff Writer
Nishimura is looking forward to her last year at Cal Poly. An eclectic individual, Nishimura loves her heritage and culture teaching traditional Japanese folk dance in addition to her love of being crafty. The four loves of her life are her family, food, Hawaii and Disneyland. A true RPTA major, Nishimura truly understands the value of loving what you do.

Kerri Ramgren (RPTA '12), Staff Writer
Ramgren is from Ventura, a small beach town south of Santa Barbara. A second year student, Ramgren declared her concentration in Event Planning and Management, finding her passion for planning events while working for a country club in Santa Barbara. In the future, Ramgren hopes her career will develop into a successful position as a wedding planner.

Staff for "The Report" are nominated by RPTA faculty for demonstrating excellent writing skills in RPTA classes. Student writers then coordinate with the editor and faculty advisor Dr. Brian Greenwood to develop and write articles.

If you have ideas for stories, ideas about how to improve The Report, and/or feedback about the current or past issues, please feel free to email us at

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The RPTA students, faculty, and staff would like to acknowledge the generosity of our numerous donors and sponsors over the past year. This support allows us to reach new heights in student and program development. Thank you very much!

Mt. Whitney Level ($1,500 or more)
American Airlines Hornblower Cruises & Events
Bradford Renaissance Portraits Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc.
Chumash Casino & Resort Pismo Coast Village RV Resort


Hall of Fame Level ($500-$1,499)
Daniel P. and Linda G. Brunello Robert H. Kautz
Mike and Tamara Hollingsworth Dawn Knighton
Brittany J. Jordan  
Academy Travel School Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Camelbak Products Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
Equillibrium Fitness Sun Buggie Fun Rentals
Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery Tri-California Events, Inc.
Hospice du Rhone  
Gala Level ($250-$499)
Megan R. Bleichner Daniel M. and Maureen McGee
Alice T. and Stephen M. Cass Barb and Rick Modlin
Ed and Jan Fraga Gabriele and Robert Mullinax
Dana A. and Jeanne T. Karcher Katherine A. Petker
Karen Kesselman Carolina Ramirez
Courtney L. and Kenneth P. Kienow Ann and Robert Schiebelhut
Betsy Kiser Justin Schmillen
John W. Koeberer Don and Kim Spare
Kris W. and Carey Koeberer Stacey M. Stanek
Bob and Kathee Kraker  
Bien Nacido Vineyards Lush Limo
The California Parks Companies Legoland California
Cass Winery Matuse, Inc.
Cypress Ridge Golf Course Menlo Park Fire Department
Don Spare Enterprises J. Kenyon Rupnik, M.D.
Fullerton Photographics, Inc. Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance
Ken Kienow Wedding Photography Passport Health
Knighton's Limousines San Jose Sharks LP
Law Offices of Daniel McGee Tolosa Winery
Le Boulanger  
4-Star Level ($100-$249)
Geoffrey A. Auslen Tina Hoppe
Robin Baggett Nathalie R. Humphry
James G. Battersby Elizabeth A. and Richard Hunter
Lori J. and Michael C. Bickel Dee M. and Lori M. Jordan
Anne Boswell Debra Kamber
James W. and Suzanne A. Boswell Jeffrey B. and Maegen Loring
Jack and Julie L. Carlile Barry Lundgren
Brady D. Cherry Mary E. Marsella
Gloria D. and John G. Choma Richard L. and Janice D. Matteson
Mark Corella Karin and Robert Montoya
Jim D. and Karen M. Dockery Margaret M. Morton
James I. and Jeannette L. Efird Linda and Wayne Nasby
Danielle Y. Fabela Theresa Osorio
Charlotte E. Gorton Christopher J. and Renee B. Phibbs
Trevor S. and Sarah T. Harding Elizabeth and Willie Reichenstein
Ryan J. Hatheway Kendi K. and Robert Root
Tisha A. Hawkins Stephanie A. Schoen
William B. Heater Karen L. and Robert Voorhis
Jennifer Hix Britta and Kelly Wallace
Heidi D. Hodges Kathleen Willbanks
Austin Hope Holly and Rodney L. Williams
AT&T Park Pasolivo Olive Oil
Avila Beach Resort Planet Beach Tanning Salon
Bob Voorhis Construction R. Williams Construction
Central Coast Kayaks Rancho Maria Golf Club
Cline Cellars Robert Montoya Dental Lab
Cobra Consulting Sacramento Kings
Cowboy Cookies N Grub San Luis Rides
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Santa Cruz Surf School
Frank's Famous Hotdogs Sea World
Great Harvest Bread Company Six Flags Magic Mountain
Hearst Castle Skydive Santa Barbara
Hertz Rent-A-Car Slo-Op Climbing & All Out Event
Hope Family Wines Sports Forum
House of Blues San Diego The Park Restaurant
J. G. Boswell Company Tigerlily Salon & Spa
Laetitia Vineyard & Winery Wells Fargo & Company
Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort Wheel Fun Rentals
Monarch Dunes Golf Course Wine Wrangler
Monterey County Parks Woodruff-Sawyer & Company
National Outdoor Leadership School Your Organized Office
Starter Level ($1-$99)
David P. and Denise M. Adams Kristin E. Jackson
Stacie M. Allan Jeffrey A. and Jennifer J. Jacobs
Ellen Allan-Dunder and George Dunder Margaret L. and Richard A. James
Kathleen R. Allenbach and Phillip H. Kessler Barbara C. Jauregui
Steven M. Arechiga John and Pauline Jolliff
Jilian R. Armstrong Edward V. and Penny P. Jordan
Nellie R. Aube Olivia J. Keil
Lee R. and Cheryl L. Baker Bill and Debbie Kellogg
Ryan R. Baker Jeffrey J. Kendall-Weed
Carmella M. and Eric V. Beck Lacey E. King
John S. and Pauline M. Beck Sally Kleffman
Sarah L. Beck Kelly K. Kuether-Gowing
Steven G. Becker Elizabeth H. Lane
Deborah L. and Hugh A. Bello Debbie and Randy Lepp
Toren J. Bentson Gregory Lupfer
Curtis G. Black Melinda I. Lynch
Adrienne E. Brabant Caitlin B. Lyon
Alexis A. and Shawn T. Braun Heather B. Machado
Ann E. and Jeff Brooner John C. and Sheila M. Maher
Candace E. and Christopher S. Brown Brian M. Manoogian
Kristina G. Brunello Gail McDonald
John J. Bullaro and Cynthia D. Moyer Donna G. and Duane P. McRoy
Tessa C. Bunge Amanda M. Milholland
Janet L. and Randall Burns Lindsey N. Miller
Chelsea M. Buttress Steve T. Miller
Deborah M. and Mark Buttress Cheryl R. Miyahara
Barry L. and Diane S. Campbell Paul Montoya
Craig A. and Janet E. Carlstrom Molly Q. Morrison
Keely A. Carollo Brent R. Mosbacher
Bret M. and Lani Colhouer Christine A. Ohara
Megan L. Conatser Joni C. Parmer
Danae G. Cook Nicole M. Passeggi
Corey A. Cox Stephanie A. Payan
Patricia C. and William P. Cox Robin L. and Douglas A. Perrin
Richard E. and Terrie J. Cresci Heather A. Plasch
Jeannie M. DaQuino Patti B. Remmenga
Christina De Ocampo Rachelle R. Rianda
Margarita V. and Noel R. De Ocampo Jennifer E. Ridder
Jill M. and Gerald E. DeMers Amy A. Rossi
Stan and Susan Devoto Scott M. and Mary Ann Sanford
Auraly F. and Craig A. Dobbs Kyle D. Schnurr
Ellen T. and Chesley M. Douglas David R. and Julie A. Sears
Christopher and Rosalie Ennis Carolyn B. Shank
Peggy E. Eriksen and Richard A. Faenzi Laura Siegel
Heather M. Ferrai Randy Singley
Richard D. and Melanie Fessler Sue and William J. Sinnott
Parine Fowler Brett C. Smith
Gustavo and Paige M. Fuenmayor Anne F. Sobieralski
S. Fujitani Timothy A. and Moira Solle
Diane and John Gerbrandt Colleen and Richard Stein
Riley C. and Serena M. Gerbrandt Richard A. and Cheryl L. Strahl
Anne C. Giapapas Stacy M. Tabuena
Brent and Terry Gillespie Heather E. Thomas
Gloria Givens Kurt C. and Melinda A. Thomas
Marni A. Goldenberg Kelly A. Tobin
Amy L. Golladay Cody Velasco
Kevin J. Gonzalez III Tim Walash
Brian and Jerusha Greenwood Michael D. and Sally H. Walitsch
Timothy L. and Susan R. Haenny Elisa C. Weaver
Rebecca M. Hale Dawin D. Whiten
Greg and Maureen Hamson Jan E. and Roy F. Woods
William W. and Margaret S. Hendricks Mallory J. Woods
Brenda and Patrick Hill Gregory A. and Pamela L. Yoder
Lori K. Holzer Jill and Michael D. Young
Todd M. Hove Sara Zelman
Judy and Vic Hutchins  
AnnEvent National Geographic Traveler
Classic Electric Inc. PKDAL Enterprises LLC
Coast Hills Community Foundation San Luis Obispo City Parks & Recreation
Hospice of San Luis Obispo County  

Thanks again to all of the individuals and organizations who contributed to RPTA over the past year!

If you are interested in donating, please click the link below or contact department head Dr. Bill Hendricks at


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