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The Power of Experiential Marketing: Q&A with Industry Leaders Cisco, Salesforce, and George P. Johnson

Dear Campus Community,

Thank you for attending "The Power of Experiential Marketing: Q & A with Industry Leaders!  Check out EIM's Sam Snowden's video for highlights!

Cisco Systems Senior Director of Global Sales Events and Talent Alex Sapiz; Salesforce Vice President of Strategic Events Catherine Simmons; George P. Johnson CEO Chris Meyer visited campus Wednesday, Feb. 28.

These influential leaders delivered their presentation titled “The Power of Experiential Marketing: Q & A with Industry Leaders.” The student event packed the Multi Activity Center. Thanks for attending! You are invited to take a brief survey about the event here.

This interactive presentation provided an overview of the power of experiential marketing and highlighted why Experience Industry Management curriculum and other programs at Cal Poly – including Construction Management, Graphic Communications, Engineering, Journalism, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Marketing – are relevant to the success of Cisco, Salesforce and George P. Johnson. Thank you for joining us for insights into career opportunities for students.

George P. Johnson is a global creative agency that designs and delivers unique experiences that build brand devotion, including global events for Cisco Systems and Salesforce. It is one of 13 wholly owned agencies of Project Worldwide, an independent network of creative agencies. For more information about Project Worldwide and George P. Johnson, including how they might fit a career path, visit or

We are very pleased to partner with Cisco Systems, Salesforce and George P. Johnson, and offer them our gratitude for making this event possible.


Bill Hendricks, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Head

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