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RPTA Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Experience Industry Management Strategic Plan


2010 RPTA Strategic Plan was used to guide the department from 2010-2015. It is available here >>

The strategic plan was originally developed in 2005 with an assessment of the seven long-range goals and respective sub-goals in November 2009. The strategic planning document provides revisions and evidence examples of accomplished sub-goals. Please note that to be consistent with our previous approach and documents we maintained the usage of sub-goals rather than objectives. The faculty determined that the strategic plan fit well with the CAFES strategic plan and decided to maintain the goals for 2010-2015. Sub-goals were revised again in 2011 and the plan was updated following department retreats in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.

In concert with the CAFES developing a new strategic vision for 2015-2020, the department faculty took steps to put into place a revised strategic vision. In July 2013 an RPTA Strategic Vision 2020 document was written, based largely on a meeting attended by full-time faculty and the academic advisor for the department. The paper entails a future strategic vision, a SWOT analysis, and documentation of student success. Strategic Vision 2020 here >>

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