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Winter 2023 Experience Industry Management Newsletter

IMEX of America

Cal Poly's Experience Industry Management faculty and students made a mark at the prestigious IMEX conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct 18-19. This annual gathering of industry professionals provided a platform for Cal Poly's EIM department to showcase their dedication to experiential learning, networking, and innovation.  Read more

Eco-Tourism at Catalina Island, a Student Perspective

This innovative course, led by Professors Keri Schwab and Dr. Marni Goldenberg, provided students with a hands-on exploration of conservation tourism, island tourism and the economic sustainability of island economies during their visit to Catalina Island, California.  Read more


Cal Poly Experience Innovation Lab

The Experience Innovation Lab is a dynamic hub of creativity and innovation at the intersection of education and industry. Our mission is to shape the future of the experience industry by empowering students, professionals, and organizations to create, deliver, and measure extraordinary experiences based on data-driven design. Read more   Watch video: link here

Save the Date for the 2024 EIM Auction and Dinner

2024 Auction Fundraiser



Save the Dave for the annual Experience Industry Management Fundraiser, Saturday, April 27, 2024. Attendees can look forward to a full day of activities tailored to food and wine lovers, entertainment aficionados and sports and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The day will cap off with the department’s annual auction and dinner fundraiser. Email Faculty Director Jenn Prentice to donate and/or sponsor the auction and dinner. Stay tuned for more details in the New Year. Read more

Fall Advisory Council Meeting

The fall Experience Industry Management Department’s Advisory Council meeting took place on Friday, Nov. 3. The Experience Industry Management department’s strategic vision is to cultivate leaders and innovators in industries that promote healthy lifestyles, protect memorable places, and facilitate life-enhancing experiences for individuals, communities, and the global society. With this vision in mind, industry professionals alongside EIM faculty discussed the strengths, growth areas and goals for the department in cultivating industry leaders, with Kevin White facilitating the meeting.

Discussion topics ranged from analyzing the academic curriculum, diversifying application pool, building alumni relationships, networking for visibility to evaluating how the advisory board members can impact the strategic vision.

Exciting news was shared about the development of implementing the new Experience Industry Innovation Lab that currently has seven student assistants and is led by Lab Director Professor Sandy Shen.

The meeting identified areas of alignment and shed light on the areas in which the department can collectively, with its highly valued advisory council members, prosper in achieving the department's strategic vision in cultivating future industry leaders.

Want to Make a Difference - Join Us for Learn by Doing

At this link, interested donors can give directly to support student development.

Contact Dr. Kevin Lin, EIM Department Head, if you would like to donate directly to the Experience Innovation Lab at his email or write Experience Innovation Lab on this link to ensure your donation goes directly to the lab. Thank you for the opportunity to share our recent experiences. We look forward to seeing you in person anytime please contact us for more information. And don't forget to save the date of April 27, 2024 for the upcoming annual auction fundraiser.

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