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EIM Declaration of Values

Sep 15, 2020



Updated June 8, 2020 DRAFT 

In EIM the faculty, staff, and students believe in the power of science and evidence-based decision making to inform experience design research, education, and application. 

This declaration of our values supports the Experience Industry Management vision to cultivate leaders and innovators in industries that promote healthy lifestyles, protect memorable places, and facilitate life-enhancing experiences for individuals, communities, and the global society.  


  • We value diverse sustainable communities, economies, environments, cultures and social engagements. 

  • We value the shared duty of care for the physical, emotional and mental health of individuals and communities. 


  • We value preservation of open space, wilderness, parks, and natural areas. 

  • We value social justice, inclusion, and equitable access to spaces that provide opportunities to create memorable experiences. 

  • We value historically and culturally significant spaces and the built environment that provide meaningful experiences to community residents and visitors alike. 


  • We value the co-creation of experiences that transform lives and drive positive change. 

  • We value the empowerment and design of intentional and inherently personal life experiences. 

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New Student Academic Day WOW 2020

Sep 9, 2020

EIM Fall Orientation/Academic Day 2020 

Wednesday September 9 


Plan for the Day  -- ZOOM Recording of Session -- recording of event link here >>>


  1. Welcome to the department! 

  2. Ice Breaker 

  3. Introductions: Faculty, Staff, and Student Guests 

  4. Getting Ready for Fall Quarter 

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Mutual Respect in the Zoom Classroom/The Mustang Way 

  1. Student Clubs 

  1. Faculty-led research 

  1. Getting Involved & Professional Development 

  1. EIM Podcast 

  1. Connect with EIM: Social Media 

  1. Welcome to the Department (2 minutes) 

  1. Ice Breaker – (5 minutes) 
    A peek behind the curtain activity.  Students will be divided up into break-out rooms of 3-5 and be invited to give everyone a “peek behind the curtain” into their living space.  In normal classrooms we are often in the class and our peers don’t often see our living quarters – this activity gives us a chance to share sweet parts of ourselves that we might not normally share.  Students can show people around their room and maybe point out something that is special or significant to them. 

  2. *If anyone feels uncomfortable, they can simply opt to choose a special item from their room and bring it to the camera, tell a little about it and why it’s special to them.  

  3. Name, why you chose Cal Poly, where are you attending school from in the fall, and your favorite breakfast food 

  4. Introductions (5 minutes) 

  5. Brief intro: Name, title, how long you’ve been in SLO/in the position, (if faculty, concentration/interest areas) & one pearl of wisdom each – 30 seconds max. 

  6. Getting ready for fall quarter – (5 minutes) 

  7. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Mutual Respect in the classroom (5 minutes) 

  8. Community agreements 

  9. Mutual respect & professionalism in the Zoom classroom 

  10. The Mustang Way

  11. Rho Phi Lambda and EIM Club presentations – officers (10 minutes) 

  12. Club activities 

  13. Professional development trips 

  14. Personal benefits from conferences (Visit CA, Cal Travel, CPRS, etc.)

  15. Faculty led research (5 minutes)

  16. Please provide brief descriptions of your research projects/current areas of interest that students might want to participate with.

  17. Getting involved & Professional development (3 minutes) 

  18. Examples of opportunities from the past, possibly available in the future: PCMA, SURP, RPL professional development trips, Auction/Dinner, Dream Force, CalTravel 

  19. EIM podcast, website and social media (2 minutes) 

All students entering the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences – either as a first-time freshman or as a transfer student – are expected to have a laptop computer to ensure access to computing capability at all times and in all locations, helping to support student success. The specifications provided below are designed to support students’ computing needs through at least four years of Cal Poly instruction. For additional, department-level computer specifications, please click the link in each department name.

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2020 New Student Computer Requirements

Jul 22, 2020

All students entering the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences – either as a first-time freshman or as a transfer student – are expected to have a laptop computer to ensure access to computing capability at all times and in all locations, helping to support student success. The specifications provided below are designed to support students’ computing needs through at least four years of Cal Poly instruction. For additional, department-level computer specifications, please click the link in each department name.

The Cal Poly bookstore offers educational discounts for computing hardware. Students who are experiencing financial hardship and who do not have resources available to purchase a computer can contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if any one-time funding may be available. You should email your request to with the subject line: "CAFES Computer Need." Cal Poly provides a host of IT support resources for students.


Experience Industry Management Department Students

Operating System: Mac or PC
Size: 13" or 15"
Screen: at least full HD screen [1920X1080]
Processor: Intel Core i7
Ram: 16 GB ram
Storage: 1 TB SSD
In example: Dell XPS 15 ~ $1,700, MacBook Pro 16 ~ $2,399

Cal Poly bookstore offers educational discussions for you! Check it out here >>

New student zoom event

Saturday, April 18, New Admits Welcomed with Experience Industry Management's Zoom Open House Event!

Apr 22, 2020

Open House 2020 Zoom Event

New Admitted Students were welcomed on Saturday, April 18, in the Experience Industry Management [EIM] Department's Open House Zoom Event for new students and families. We appreciate your patience in joining us via Zoom in compliance with California and Cal Poly's safety policy.

Welcome Class of 2024!The Experience Industry Management faculty invited all new freshman and transfer students and families with our first-ever Open House Zoom event via phone calls, postcards, and emails. Not able to join us? We have our welcome event recorded here >>

We thank all of our new students and family members for attending the event. Do you have any unanswered questions?  Feel free to follow up via email

Did you miss this event? No worries as the Zoom link can be found here >> with the complimentary PowerPoint slides here >>  

Want a peek into your culminating experience at Cal Poly EIM  - you won't want to miss this - check out what last year's graduates have to share here >>.

The EIM faculty celebrate you - our future students, with our 425 current students, and our thousands of alumni as we journey together, staying strong. 

Live. Protect. Explore.

The Home Sharing Experience Convention team from Cal Poly was selected as the winner of the PCMA's North American Student Competition 2019.

Cal Poly's home-sharing annual convention proposal wins PCMA North American Student Competition

Dec 10, 2019

A proposal to create an annual convention for home share and vacation rental owners was selected as the winner of PCMA’s North American Student Competition 2019.

Chrissy Baur, Morgan Cutter, Luke Haley, Courtney Frickman and Olivia Larsen represented California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo in the December competition. They were advised by Kevin Lin, Ph.D.

“Most home share and vacation rental owners operate their properties with minimal property management experience,” the Home Sharing Proposal Experience (HSX) stated. “A convention like HSX would allow an opportunity for home sharers and experience providers to expand their knowledge, network and property-management skills.”

PCMA’s North American Student Competition is an annual event to engage students pursuing careers in the business events industry. Collegiate teams from Canada, the United States and Mexico are invited to submit proposals to address industry trends and issues. Three finalist teams were selected to present their proposals via video to a panel of judges from the business events industry.

“Every team that entered impressed us with their knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm for the business events industry and their passion for pursuing professional growth,” said Stacey Shafer, PCMA senior director of community engagement and one of the competition’s judges. “It was challenging for the panel of judges to select a winning proposal, but we felt the Home Sharing Experience Convention proposal best demonstrated how business events deliver economic and social transformation.”

The California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo team will be hosted by the PCMA Foundation to present their proposal during Convening Leaders Jan. 5-8 in San Francisco. Convening Leaders, PCMA’s signature event, attracts thousands of business events professionals from around the world for industry insights, innovations and networking opportunities. They will be joined by Team Voyage from the Singapore Institute of Technology, winners of the 2019 Singapore MICE Challenge.

Runners up to PCMA’s North American Student Challenge competition included the University of Florida team of Alexis Brengman, Julia Clow, Shawna Gray, Cassidy Mandelbaum and advisor Annamarie Sisson and a combined team with Ally Norris and Emily Shirley from University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Janae McKinney and Cameryn Rasmussen of Kansas State University and advisor Kristin Malek, Ph.D., from University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Judges also included John “Jack” Patronski, executive vice president at GES, and Eduardo Chaillo, global general manager for Latin America at Maritz Global Events and founder of Global Meetings and Tourism Specialists LLC. The competition was moderated by Derrick Johnson, executive director at The National Behavioral Intervention Team Association.

Rodrigo Espinosa VP George P Johnson

Experience Our Industry Podcasts -- select links to listen to our industry as they share their industry journey

Oct 16, 2019

All of the episodes for this podcast are special, but this one is particularly so due to two really cool aspects.

Listen to guest, Marcy Maloney, and you get to hear from a woman who has reached the very top of what all of us who identify with Cal Poly hold dear – ASI! ASI! As executive director of ASI, Marcy has seen some amazing things and has done an extraordinarily good job leading the organization. She and her staff have hired countless numbers of our students over the years in essentially being a Learn by Doing lab for the department.

And, Marcy was a part of the very first class of Recreation students in 1976! How cool is that?

Check out Marcy Maloney's podcast here:

You can also access the podcast via Apple Podcasts and iTunes. Simply search "Experience Our Industry" and subscribe, and you'll be automatically updated when new episodes drop (every two weeks).

We very much appreciate any likes, subscribes, shares, etc. and ask you to help us spread the word about the experience industry and our department.

The past and upcoming schedule for Experience Our Industry is below:

This one, in particular, is stellar in featuring Rodrigo Espinosa who is the chair of our department's Advisory Council and is a Vice President for George P Johnson Experience Marketing in charge of Growth & Development, North America + Head of Latin America. Espinosa is an alumnus in Speech Communication (Journalism) at Cal Poly, but he's been serving our department on the Advisory Council for over 10 years.


Rodrigo Espinosa (SPC '97), Vice President, Growth & Development, North America + Head of Latin America for George P Johnson Experience Marketing and Chair of the Advisory Council for Cal Poly's Experience Industry Management Department, talks with Dr....

You can also access the podcast via Apple Podcasts and iTunes. Simply search "Experience Our Industry" and subscribe, and you'll be automatically updated when new episodes drop (every two weeks).

Past and future podcasts:

July 15 - Hayley Bauarschi, Uber

July 29 - Nikki Harth, The Surfhouse

Aug. 12 - Gretchen Simoneaux, Augie's Quest to End ALS

Aug. 26 - Lindsay Campbell, San Francisco Giants

Sept. 9 - Elisa Cox, City of Rancho Cucamonga

Sept. 23 - Rodrigo Espinosa, George P Johnson Experience Marketing

Oct. 7 - Marcy Maloney, Associated Students, Inc.

Oct. 21 - Chelsea Marshburn, PRA Business Events

Nov. 4 - James Grennan, California State Parks

November 18 - Jolie Devoto, Golden State Cider

December 2 - Corey Lakin, Parks, Culver City Recreation and Community Services

December 16, Christine Blosser, IRONMAN World Championship

Here's a look at the upcoming 2020 schedule:

Jan. 6 - Lisa Baird, Visit Oakland

Jan. 20 - Jesse Festa, The Nature Conservancy

Feb. 3 - Sara Torres, Hive at Adobe

Feb. 17 - Matt Mohle, San Luis Obispo County Parks

Mar. 2 - Heather Ferrai, All Set

Mar. 16 - Molly Cano, City of San Luis Obispo

Mar. 30 - Luis Silva, Cal Poly Athletics

Apr. 13 - Jordan Basile, TahoeMade/Deso Supply Co.

Dr. Greenwood


Brian Greenwood, Ph.D.
Sport & Recreation Management Co-Coordinator
Experience Industry Management
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Phone: (805) 756-5093

Check out the Experience Our Industry podcast:


Gabby awarded The Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship

EIM Student Gabby Borges Awarded The Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship!

Oct 10, 2018

Congratulations Gabby

EIM Senior student Gabby Borges is featured in today's Cal Poly Report link here >>

Gabby was awarded 'The Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship' as one of 25 Cal Poly student awardees.

Student awardees are honored for demonstrating academic excellence, personal integrity, leadership and community service who have demonstrated a commitment to personal growth.

An excerpt and photo below from this week's Cal Poly report.

John and Cynthia Bullaro

Remembering Dr. John Bullaro Cal Poly RPTA Faculty Member

Sep 12, 2018

Dr. John Bullaro, Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration Faculty passed away July 25, 2018

Cal Poly Experience Industry Management Department faculty member Dr. John Bullaro completed his teaching career at Cal Poly from 1993 until 2009 for the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Department.  He considered his time at Cal Poly to be the highlight of his professional career.

Dr. Bullaro's obituary as it appeared inCynthia and John Bullaro the San Luis Obispo Tribune is below. The Celebration of Life will be held September 22 with family and friends. In lieu of flowers, the family encourages donations to Calpoly Moyer and Bullaro Scholarship offered to Cal Poly Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration students in his memory.

To donate in honor of John's passion for teaching and student development, please select this link and write in "Moyer/Bullaro scholarship". If you would like to mail your donation, please make your check out to Cal Poly Foundation noting the Moyer/Bullaro scholarship, and mail to Cal Poly Experience Industry Management Department, 1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407.

Reprinted from The Tribune:

John Joseph Bullaro - 1931- 2018. On July 25, 2018, John Bullaro, peacefully passed away at his home in Atascadero with his wife, Cynthia, at his side. In his 86 years John lived a life full of love, passions and adventures. John was born in Chicago, IL to Joseph and Jean Bullaro and was an only child until the arrival of his sister, Betty, 18 years later.

John spent his childhood in Chicago, attending the same elementary school that his mother did, McPherson Elementary. John graduated from Amundsen High School in 1949. The family moved to Los Angeles, CA. in 1952. During his early years he developed his life- long enjoyment of cycling, football and cars. He was still riding his bicycle into his eighties. John was comfortable in a variety of settings, but his spirit was most fulfilled when he was out in nature whether it was on a long bicycle ride, hiking in the woods or just sitting quietly by a stream. He frequently said that he felt most at home in the mountains. A legacy that our "Mountain Guy" passed on to his family.

He graduated from Los Angeles State College in 1955 with a psychology degree and obtained his master's degree from New York University in 1956. Later at the age of 46 he went back to earn his Ph.D from Claremont Graduate School in 1979. He began his professional career working for the Boys' Club of Hollywood while attending LA State and left in 1960 when he took a sales position with the New York Life Insurance company. By the time he left the company in 1970 he was the Regional Manager for the South Pacific Region located in Los Angeles.

His next career change found him teaching for the Leisure Studies Department at California State University, Northridge starting in 1973. Combining his business experiences and personal recreational interests, he taught a variety of courses and developed one of the first commercial recreation courses taught at the university level. Later he would write the first textbook on the subject. His favorite classes to teach were backpacking and bicycle touring where he was able to share his outdoor passions with his students.

He completed his teaching career at Cal Poly from 1993 until 2009 for the Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department. He considered his time at Cal Poly to be the highlight of his professional career. John married Judy Palmer in 1958. Son, David, arrived in 1963, followed by daughter, Patricia, in 1965. While the marriage ended in 1977, they remained on friendly terms until Judy's passing in 2011.

In 1978, John met his future wife, Cynthia Moyer. They celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary on July 16. As kindred spirits they shared a life full of adventures and love. John was a pillar of strength and mentor not only to his family and friends but to the many service organizations to which he belonged. With his charismatic personality, wit, and intelligence he had the ability to inspire and influence others. He was the one others sought out for support, guidance and encouragement. He was a creative, curious thinker who didn't hesitant to take risks, challenge established ideas or try new experiences. He had a thirst for knowledge and loved to learn new things. While he was not a game player, you wouldn't want to play "Trivial Pursuit" with him as he was known as the family's "walking encyclopedia."

At the age of 62 when most people start to think about slowing down, John joined the San Luis Obispo Search and Rescue Team (SLOSAR). He found SAR to be the perfect outlet for his desire to serve his community, learn new skills, apply his outdoor skills and his share his love of nature. He was an active search member until the age of 80 when he decided it was time for the next generation of searchers to take over. For ten years John was also a patrol volunteer for the Atascadero Police Department. John always had a youthful spirit. While his body and mind gave way to the battle of age, his heart and soul stayed strong and young. There was always the little boy gleam in his eye. Parkinson's may have robbed him of his mobility, but never his hope. To the end, he talked about the day when he could get on his bike or head to the mountains again.

John is and always will be dearly missed by his wife, Cynthia; daughter, Patricia Hamilton; son-in-law, Eric; and grandsons, Austin and Garrett; his sister, Betty and several close friends who are considered family. John's ashes will be spread by his family along his favorite hiking trails. A Celebration of Life will be held in September with family and friends.

In lieu of flowers, the family encourages donations to either San Luis Obispo Search and Rescue Team - contact the SLO Sheriff office or the Moyer/ Bullaro Scholarship at Cal Poly, write checks to Cal Poly Foundation with mention of the scholarship and mailed to Grant Kirkpatrick, Cal Poly Development office, 1 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, 93407. 

Cisco Systems, Salesforce, and George P. Johnson Industry Executives on campus Feb 28

The Power of Experiential Marketing: Q&A with Industry Leaders Feb. 28.

Feb 15, 2018

Cisco Systems, Salesforce, and George P. Johnson Visited Campus February 28, 2018

Cisco Systems Senior Director of Global Sales Events and Talent Alex Sapiz; Salesforce Vice President of Strategic Events Catherine Simmons; and George P. Johnson CEO Chris Meyer visited campus on Wednesday, Feb. 28

These influential leaders delivered a presentation titled “The Power of Experiential Marketing: Q & A with Industry Leaders.” The event packed the Multi Activity Center. Thanks for being there! You are invited to take brief survey.

This interactive presentation provided an overview of the power of experiential marketing and highlighted why Experience Industry Management curriculum and other programs at Cal Poly – including Construction Management, Graphic Communications, Engineering, Journalism, Computer Science, Information Systems, and Marketing – are relevant to the success of Cisco, Salesforce and George P. Johnson. All majors and programs were invited to join us for insights into career opportunities for students .

George P. Johnson is a global creative agency that designs and delivers unique experiences that build brand devotion, including global events for Cisco Systems and Salesforce. It is one of 13 wholly owned agencies of Project Worldwide, an independent network of creative agencies. For more information about Project Worldwide and George P. Johnson, including how they might fit a career path, visit or

We are pleased to partner with Cisco Systems, Salesforce and George P. Johnson, and offer them our gratitude for making this event possible.


Bill Hendricks, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Head


Cal Poly's Department of Experience Industry Management Receives Accreditation Visitation Report

Dec 20, 2017

December 20, 2017

Cal Poly Department Head, Dr. Bill Hendricks received the report's summary findings of the RPTA Program's strengths. "Program Strengths Areas that substantially exceed standards and which point to the quality of the Program and associated support services as directly related to standards

The Visitation Team wishes to commend the Department of Experience Industry Management on the following strengths:

1. Department Chair: Dr. Hendricks is well respected on campus by both administration and faculty. He has provided many years of inspiring and stable leadership with a very positive impact of the overall quality of the program.

2. Faculty: Faculty members are described by students as personable, engaged, and committed. The collegial collaborations of faculty have benefited both the students and the program. The faculty members truly care about the success of the students and their well-connected professional networks have provided tremendous opportunities for student learning.

3. Students: High quality students contribute positively to the overall quality of the program. They are bright, willing to engage, capable, and confident. Professionals in the field describe them as “ready to go” and are especially pleased with their preparation.

4. Culture of Assessment: Administrators at the university and college level see the department as “leading out” in assessment. They adopted a commitment to assessment and continuous improvement many years ago and continue to utilize assessment processes to improve their offering.

5. Innovation in Identity and Curriculum: Changing the name of the department to Experience Industry Management and revising curriculum to meet student demand has required careful listening to stakeholders and managing the inertia that resists change. Their curriculum innovation deserves commendation.

6. Industry Connections: The 40+ member advisory board is highly involved in curriculum development, department activities, and student interaction. The advisory board is made up of alumni and professionals from very diverse industry areas including private and public sectors.

7. Staff and Part-time Faculty: Department staff and part-time faculty are particularly good and well- trained. They are involved in the culture of assessment and valued by students. They are well- balanced with full-time faculty.”


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