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By Dr. Bill Hendricks, Department Head

Dr. Bill Hendricks welcomes summer quarter as a time of possibilitiesSummer quarter is always a time to reflect on our past successes and challenges, to look toward the horizon of our future possibilities, and to prepare for a new crop of RPTA students entering the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. Speaking of our past, did you know that the RPTA major was established at Cal Poly in 1976? A lot has changed since those early days, considered the heyday of the parks and recreation profession.

With a primary focus on public parks and recreation, therapeutic recreation, and non-profit leisure service organizations, our discipline transitioned through the 1980’s and 1990’s into commercial recreation and later tourism.  In the 2000’s, event planning was firmly established at Cal Poly, and as we pass the midway mark of the second decade of this century we find ourselves entrenched in sport management, hospitality, and a variety of industries that facilitate and manage experiences in settings ranging from the Super Bowl to boutique weddings.

As we approach RPTA’s 40thanniversary, some things have not changed and other elements of our department and its offerings have changed considerably. 

Our faculty and students continue to shine and our student clubs remain vibrant.  This issue of the REPORT highlights Professor Marni Goldenberg’s recent accolades as an outstanding researcher and the exceptional scholarship of our faculty. 
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By Anna Bach (RPTA ’16,) Co-editor

The Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration [RPTA] Department has always gone above and beyond to provide students with a true Learn by Doing educational experience. Professors teach valuable skills, but nothing compares to the way students learn through hands-on experiences in the community. The department has strong connections with many nonprofit organizations throughout San Luis Obispo city and county, and RPTA students have proved to be hard-working and beneficial to these organizations. The interaction is truly a two-way benefit.

RPTA Dinner and Auction registration flyer

Almost every RPTA class includes a Learn by Doing component, and many ask students to leave campus and for a hands-on project with a community organization. For example, students in Professor Marni Goldenberg’s RPTA 112 class volunteered for parks and outdoor organizations such as state and county parks, City of San Luis Obispo Rangers and the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers. Students in various other RPTA courses completed volunteer hours at organizations such as Growing Grounds, Special Olympics, and Partners in Equestrian Therapy. The benefits of these partnerships are many, but a major perk for students is when they are offered an internship or job as a result of their volunteer experience and networking. Read more

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Dr. Marni Goldenberg receives award and Dr. Bill Hendricks congratulatesThe Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration (RPTA) Department is proud to report that Professor Marni Goldenberg received the CAFES Outstanding Researcher Award for her dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of parks and recreation. Her accomplishments include publishing scholarly articles in numerous publications, reports, and making multiple presentations at the state, national, and international level.

A highlight of Goldenberg's scholarship is her dedication to working extensively with undergraduates on their senior projects and with graduate students. More than 20 students have worked with Goldenberg in this capacity—leading to numerous presentations at state and national conferences and publications in peer-reviewed journals including “The Journal of Experiential Education” and “The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership.”

Goldenberg’s commitment is exceptional and she has continued to model that dedication by writing and publishing well into her tenure at Cal Poly. Her research, focused means-ends analysis, has led her to be known in the field as an expert on that method. She has applied her analysis to a variety of research questions, populations, and settings, and has published in respected journals. Since 2003, she has received more than $508,800 in grant funding to support her research.

Goldenberg has co-authored two books for the recreation field, written chapters in textbooks, and is currently helping to update the second edition of the book “Outdoor Leadership: Theory and Practice.” Because of her expertise, she was invited to serve on the research advisory council for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), as well as on the council for the Wilderness Education Association.

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By Jenna Arocha (RPTA ’17), Staff Writer

2016 Save the Date

Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration Department (RPTA) students, alumni, family, friends and faculty invite you to join us on Saturday, February 27, 2016 for an exciting 40th year celebration experience at the beautiful Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach.

Share an evening of "RPTA in the Spotlight", honoring the 40th year of Cal Poly Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration program students, faculty, alumni and industry!  Registration for event will open November 1.

2015 Wrap-up

Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration Department (RPTA) cruised through California in January during last year's annual auction and dinner held at the Santa Margarita Ranch.

The event raised more than $38,000 for the department, breaking the record for the amount of money raised in the event’s 14-year history. Event Director Megan Hobbs attributed the event’s success to the hard working and dedicated planning committee, faculty support, donors and alumni, and loyal guests from the community who attend year after year. Hobbs said a key reason for this year’s success was the generous donation of the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch venue by the Rossi family. The event sold out with approximately 200 attendees at the fundraiser. The atmosphere was festive and included a photo booth, live music, and dozens of baskets full of auction items artfully displayed for bidding. Read more

2015 RPTA Dinner and Auction at Santa Margarita Ranch Barn

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By Sierra Frost (RPTA ’17), Staff Writer

Student Spotlight Kenten Terbeek FishingKenton Terbeek (RPTA, ‘16) didn't have a television growing up. Instead, his family spent time fishing, backpacking, and visiting their cabin in northern California. A third-year transfer student,

Terbeek spent two years studying at Sonoma State University, one year at Cuesta Community College, and is now thrilled to be a RPTA major. Terbeek attributes his decision to concentrate on outdoor adventure and resource recreation to his adventurous and outdoorsy upbringing. He said his dad encouraged him to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and some of his best childhood memories are of those adventures. His family camped every summer near Lake Tahoe, Calif. and would spend time together fishing, backpacking and hiking. Those habits have stuck with Terbeek, who said he likes to spend his free time outdoors, especially fishing. “I enjoy hiking, but I like there to be something at the end, so I’ll hike to a fishing spot,” he said.

During his time at Cal Poly, Terbeek focused on his academics, as the switch from a semester to a quarter system was a difficult transition. In addition to studying and attending classes, Terbeek was part of the RPTA practice team for Academic Quiz Bowl. The team, national champions in 2013 practiced during the school year to prepare for the fall 2015 competition in Las Vegas, Nev. at that National Recreation and Park Association conference. “We would get together and do jeopardy style questions about parks and recreation. It was a good experience and helped me study what I was already doing in my classes,” he said.

This summer, Terbeek is taking his customer service knowledge into the field with a job at Tolosa Winery. Working in the tasting room might not seem like the best fit for an outdoorsy kind of guy, but Terbeek said his other career interest is working in the beer and wine industry. “I thought this would be a good way to get a foot in the door. I’m getting customer service experience right now, dealing with tourists and people coming to visit the area,” he said.

As for a future career, Terbeek hopes RPTA alumni and faculty connections will help him land a job in the beer or wine industry. One of the best things about RPTA, Terbeek said, is how much the faculty care about their students’ success. With his positive attitude, strong work ethic, and dedication to learning, Terbeek is sure to find success.

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By Sierra Frost (RPTA ’17), Staff Writer

Anuja Argade (RPTA, ‘17) loves learning, doing a little bit of everything, and is excited to be an RPTA major. She said she feels very at home in the department and appreciates the diversity of experiences and topics RPTA provides her. Knowing that she did not want to stick to just one area of interest in her career, RPTA seemed like the perfect major. “I was a journalism major, but wanted to go into event planning,”Argade said. “After taking a few courses, I found I really love the people in our field and that’s what made me stay.”

Argade is an avid foodie and has a passion for exploring the restaurant and culinary scene in downtown San Luis Obispo. She finds RPTA the perfect foundation for her dream career combining food, events and hospitality. Recently, she was crowned winner of the dessert round for Real Food Collaborative’s Green Chef Competition at Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo. Her winning dessert was an olive oil lemon tea cake with beet frosting. Argade also made the majority of the desserts for the spring senior banquet, and they were all quite a hit!

Student Spotlight Anuja Argade

Argade said she also enjoys the hands-on nature of classes and clubs in RPTA. “It’s totally appropriate and I gain a lot more out of that than sitting in a classroom,” she said.

Argade’s exceptional scholastic and food abilities were noticed by not one, but two Bay Area agencies, and she is working two food-related internships this summer. The first is with the Center for Urban Education and Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), where she is assisting with cooking demonstrations and educational outreach at farmers markets. The second internship is with Kitchen Town, a maker-space for food entrepreneurs. Her duties include assisting with a food-related business, such as a restaurant or bakery, and learning more about food production and distribution. She said she looks forward to learning a lot more about food in general and making industry contacts.

Along with being an award-winning chef, Argade is also vice president of the online magazine Her Campus Cal Poly. She organizes outreach initiatives on campus that bring students together for social activities. After getting a taste of event planning for the magazine, Argade wanted more and volunteered on the RPTA food and beverage committee for the end of the year banquet. She hopes to become involved in a lot more event planning in coming years. She said her favorite thing about the RPTA department is “how free spirited and nice everyone is, and how you are always encouraged to be yourself.”

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By Anna Bach (RPTA 16), Co-editor

Dominican Republic SunsetHave you ever wanted to study abroad, but felt like you just couldn’t find the time? Have you ever wanted to explore the most visited destination in the Caribbean?

Professor Keri Schwab is finalizing details for a winter/spring 2016 course that will include a weeklong study abroad session in the Dominican Republic. The course will be open to all Cal Poly students. The four-unit course, RPTA 412: Tourism and Outdoor Applications Seminar, will focus on sustainable tourism and natural resource management. During winter 2016, students will earn three units and meet weekly to discuss sustainability, and the social, cultural and political history of the Dominican Republic. The group will take a one-week trip to the Dominican Republic during Spring Break in March, then return to campus for a one-unit spring quarter class.

Schwab chose the Dominican Republic for its rich social, political, and cultural history, as well as its notoriety as a growing tourism hot spot. While it has miles of pristine beaches, more and more land is under development for tourism, larger ports are being constructed, and locals are being impacted by this growth and development. In addition, the Dominican Republic has many inland natural resources, and the country is struggling to determine how to use or preserve those areas. As a developing nation, there is a range of socioeconomic statuses among locals, and there will be opportunities for students to observe and learn about areas of wealth and poverty.
Dr. Keri Schwab Dominican Republic

Travel within the country will include visiting a major city, rural areas, a national park, and of course, beaches. Additional activities students can look forward will include speaking with local leaders and nonprofits about environmental issues, a potential volunteer project, and trying local food.

By offering the course during the regular academic year (as opposed to summer) students who receive financial aid can use it to help pay for the course. Students will be able to continue with their regular classes during winter and spring quarters, and not fall behind, as is sometimes the case when studying abroad.

Schwab is working with the Cal Poly International Center to put together the best educational experience, as well as keeping the course and trip affordable, safe, and fun. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to study abroad in the Dominican Republic in March 2016, look for updates in the near future!

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By Anna Bach (RPTA ’16) Co-editor

Jim Rogers with Dr. Bill HendricksIt would be hard to find someone with a more colorful and diverse professional background than the RPTA department’s Spring 2015 executive-in-residence. Jim Rogers, CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), shared his experience as business leader, reality television show participant, former Vegas hotel chain manager, and fan of the Roll-a-Roaster (an expandable metal marshmallow roasting stick that easily rotates with the push of a thumb).

The RPTA department had the pleasure of hosting Rogers during National Tourism Week May 4-8. He and his wife Sandy spent four days meeting with students, faculty and alum about industry trends, career paths and management principles. For students, this was a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity and a unique experience to interact on a personal level with a very successful CEO in the tourism industry. Rogers was very open and honest, and ready and willing to share a story, idea, or bits of advice drawn from his own wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. 

Rogers said he was impressed with the campus culture and the education offered at Cal Poly. After touring campus with Cody Koelzer (RPTA, ‘16) and Roxanne Colton (RPTA, ‘16), Rogers jokingly asked if students spend much time in class since they seem to all be enjoying the Recreation Center, hanging out in the University Union, or lounging on Dexter Lawn. Read more

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By Arianna Kamp (RPTA 15), Staff Writer

Alumna Heidi Burns (RPTA, ‘12) lives her life by the motto, “Life is short, live it with a happy heart.” Burns, 26, has already learned how fragile life can be. Her life has already been saved twice, and each day she makes sure not to take it for granted. Burns was born with a congenital heart disorder that occurs when the aorta and pulmonary artery are reversed. At the time, no one in the Orange County area had performed the “switch” – the nickname for the surgery that was needed to save her life. Only five days after she was born, Burns was flown on a private jet to Boston Children’s Hospital where she became the 100th baby to receive the surgery. Burns’ condition did not hinder her childhood. However, as she grew older and continued to sit in the cardiologist’s office for checkups, she realized how the disorder greatly impacted the lives of children. That realization served as a turning point, steering her toward positively impact the lives of others.

Burns, building on the Learn by Doing approach she learned at Cal Poly, set out to make a difference. She launched Project Happy Hearts, an online clothing company dedicated to raising awareness about the disorder and to spreading happiness among children living with congenital heart disorders. Project Happy Hearts creates products designed to make other hearts happy. “Every time you wear, it forces you to smile,” Burns said.

Through her RPTA experiences, involvement with the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and taking additional business classes, Burns said she had the knowledge and experience she needed to start a business right after graduation. At first she worked on Project Happy Hearts part-time, but after her second open-heart surgery in January 2014, she quit her job to focus on it completely. Not one to sit idle, while launching her business Burns also completed a master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. Read more

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By Arianna Kamp (RPTA 15)

RPTA Club members recreate together at SLO archery rangeThe California Travel Association, an organization that supports all sectors of the travel industry through advocacy, collaboration, and education, annually provides student scholarships to attend the CalTravel Summit (CTS). This year, RPTA seniors Chantal Lasher (RPTA, ‘15) and Keri Forsberg (RPTA, ‘15) received two of the four scholarships awarded statewide. “The California Travel Association is thrilled to be able to offer scholarships to promising young tourism professionals, who are the future of the tourism industry,” said President and CEO Barb Newton. “Cal Poly students have consistently risen to the top of the scholarship applicant pool, and Chantal and Keri are deserving recipients.”

Lasher and Forsberg, along with eight other RPTA students and Department Head Bill Hendricks traveled to Monterey, Calif., in mid-June to attend the CalTravel Summit along with industry leaders representing theme parks, destination marketing organizations, advertising firms, and other tourism, lodging, and hospitality companies.

Highlights included a panel designed for students and young professionals, a lunch sponsored by Sea World with special guests including a kangaroo and a spider monkey, a presentation about consumer decision making, and an awards dinner featuring Cirque du Soleil performers.

In addition to attending educational sessions, Lasher and Forsberg volunteered at the CTS and embraced the opportunity to network with many high-level administrators in the travel industry.

“I have never been surrounded by so many people who share the same love, passion, support, and thirst for the travel industry as much as I do,” said Forsberg. “Every conversation left me speechless, every person I met made my jaw drop, and every note I took will be reflected on in my future endeavors.” Lasher added, “CalTravel was a great learning experience. Every RPTA student should take advantage of the opportunity to attend.”

Hendricks said that both students were exceptional representatives of Cal Poly. “Repeatedly professionals attending the CTS told me that Cal Poly students were the shining stars of the event,” he said. “I could not have been prouder of the professionalism, poise, and character that Keri and Chantal exhibited during the three day summit.”

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(adapted from a press release by AnneMarie Cornejo, CAFES Communication Specialist)

RPTA’s own Professor and Head Bill Hendricks served in June on an inaugural advisory board for Sunset Magazine Travel Awards. One of 12 judges, Hendricks was chosen for his expertise in the travel industry, and asked to select travel award winners in several categories including best beach town, best food town, best wine country hotel/resort, and other travel industry innovative ventures, experiences and destinations.

“As a fourth generation Californian, my involvement with the first-ever Sunset Travel Awards reinforced my appreciation and love of the multitude of natural and manmade environmental wonders in the West,” Hendricks said. “We are truly blessed to live on the Central Coast, where we experience cultural and natural resources as a part of our everyday lives.”

Sunset Magazine introduced the awards to honor excellence and innovation in the tourism industry across 13 Western states and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. The awards recognize achievement in lodging, dining, cultural tourism, outdoor adventure, and environmental stewardship, all topics in which Hendricks has knowledge and experience.

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By Alyssa Beatton (RPTA 16), Co-editor

The RPTA department would like to congratulate student Lindsey McClish (RPTA, ‘15) for receiving two scholarships for the 2014-15 school year. After deciding to study abroad in summer 2014, McClish realized she would need some financial assistance to cover program costs. She decided to act on the scholarship opportunities shared with RPTA students and applied for both the Tourism Cares and the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) scholarships.

A month after applying for the Tourism Cares scholarship, McClish was notified that she was a recipient. McClish was also rewarded with a four-day trip to attend a professional development conference in New Orleans, La., paid for by the Tourism Cares organization.

In mid-January, McClish flew to Louisiana, where she and 30 other students attended mixers, enjoyed boat rides on the Mississippi River, and were able to participate in the Mentor Program, a two-day learning experience in the heart of New Orleans. McClish was paired-up with a different mentor in the tourism industry each day. She job shadowed each of them, attending meetings, going to lunch, and learning first-hand what they do each day. McClish’s mentors included a tour operator in Sacramento, and an employee with the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in Virginia. McClish said that the best thing about the New Orleans trip was, “I got to spend my 22nd birthday on a boat ride down the Mississippi with other young, emerging tourism professionals.”

McClish was also awarded the California Park and Recreation Society scholarship, which provided her with not only money for her education, but the chance to attend a breakfast awards ceremony in Sacramento where RPTA’s Professor Bill Hendricks presented McClish with her award. “This awards ceremony was so special because the people who donated to a scholarship or made a scholarship happen were actually at the awards ceremony, and they thanked us for being in the industry and had so much confidence in us,” she said.

“I definitely encourage people to apply for scholarships because there are so many opportunities out there,” McClish said. While many students tend to overlook the emails that professors send out regarding scholarships in the RPTA field, McClish is a testament to why it is valuable not to. “Never forget that people love students and want to help you,” she said.

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Intern Spotlight: Olivia Orendain

By Alyssa Beatton (RPTA, '16) Co-editor

For recent gradate Olivia Orendain (RPTA, ‘15), missing a quiz may have been the best move she ever made for her fledging tourism career. Her internship with Parker Sanpei Lifestyle Public Relations in San Luis Obispo may not have happened otherwise.

During the fall quarter of her senior year, Orendain was considering internship. There were three criteria she wanted: she wanted to be paid, for it to be wine related, and located in San Luis Obispo. In November 2014 she stopped by Department Head Bill Hendricks’ office to take a quiz she had missed. While there, she and Hendricks discussed internships and her future. The next day, Hendricks emailed Orendain about an internship opportunity that he learned of while attending a local event with Linda Parker Sanpei, CEO of Parker Sanpei Lifestyle Public Relations and a member of the RPTA Advisory Council. After two interviews, Orendain was hired as an account coordinator intern.

Parker Sanpei Lifestyle Public Relations targets lifestyle-related clients such as wineries, resorts, restaurants, and travel entities. Orendain was hired to work directly with the Paso Robles CAB Collective, a nonprofit comprised of 24 Paso Robles wineries that pride themselves on their Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals. Orendain oversaw the planning of the nonprofit’s CABs of Distinction event, which included a consumer event and various media and trade events. She handled all winery communications, budgets, vendors, venue selections, volunteers, decor, contracts, advertising, promotional materials, and more. Orendain said that she credits “a lot of my success to the binder that I made to keep it all organized. I learned about making such binders in my RPTA 210 class with Professor Goldenberg. When I started making the binder with specific tabs organizing everything for me, other employees in my office started doing the same for different events they were planning.”       

After the CAB Collective event, Orendain continued learning about wineries and wine events as she helped to plan and execute The International Chardonnay Symposium. Held in May at various locations throughout Pismo and Avila beaches, it educated professionals and consumers about chardonnay production and culture.

Orendain then graduated from Cal Poly and moved to New York City to accept a full-time job as an account coordinator at News America Marketing.

“I could not imagine a more rewarding and beneficial internship experience,” said Orendain “It prepared me well for the next chapter in my life.”

With all of the experience and knowledge Orendain has, the RPTA department knows she will succeed and flourish at her new job in the Big Apple. We wish her the best of luck!

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By Alyssa Beatton (RPTA, '16) Co-editor

Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration (RPTA) Club members participated in many fun and exciting adventures during the winter and spring quarters. From a day trip to Hearst Castle in San Simeon, to a weekend camping trip in Big Sur, to many volunteer opportunities around San Luis Obispo, the RPTA club continues to share members’ love of recreation with students and the community.

With the help of Professor Dan Eller of the Journalism Department club members spent a day in San Simeon at Hearst Castle, where Eller also works as the director of communications. Students toured the castle and learned about various job opportunities in fields such as public relations and tourism. Natalie Tuckett (RPTA, ‘15), club secretary said the group had a great time touring behind-the-scenes and looks forward to future visits.

Club members also spent a weekend camping at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The 15-member group enjoyed experiencing Big Sur, including a hike through the Redwood trees to Pfeiffer Falls.

Members also participated in several campus and community recreation activities – such as hikes up Madonna Mountain and attending Cal Poly Baseball home games. “The camping trip and baseball games are going to be yearly events,” said Evan Weiss, club president. “We hope to go to as many Cal Poly athletic games as we can next year.”

RPTA Club officers for the 2015-16 academic year were elected during spring quarter. They are: Emily Bishop, president, Megan Stith, vice-president, Evan Weiss, fall secretary and Rachel Romanelli, winter and spring secretary, Danielle Trujillo, treasurer, Sierra Frost, Ag Council representative and Logan Dosker, social chair.

The RPTA Club is a great place to make friends, expand your on-campus network and grab fun freebies. If you aren’t already a member, be sure to sign up this fall.

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Rho Phi Lambda 2015-2016

Rho Phi Lambda also held elections spring quarter and congratulates the 2015-16 officers: Kenna Dougherty, president, Jessica Mattson, Vice President, Emma Maltbaek, secretary, Allison Adams, treasurer, Bryan Dahl, CAFES council representative, Seline Minami and Brooke Campbell, corporate outreach chairs, and Madison Ochotorena, social media chair.

Rho Phi Lambda has a full slate of activities planned for fall quarter including a behind-the-scenes professional development trip with the San Jose Earthquakes.

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By Arianna Kamp (RPTA, '15) Staff Writer

There are always a multitude of exciting research projects and activities in the works among the RPTA faculty members. The faculty’s diverse backgrounds and strengths set the stage for a unique assembly of influential accomplishments. Here’s a look at a few of those accomplishments:

Department Head Bill Hendricks continues to share findings from the 2012 California Public Opinions and Attitudes Survey on Outdoor Recreation from research that he, Professor Jerusha Greenwood and colleagues from the University of Utah completed. Consisting of three separate surveys, the research included more than 4,800 subjects to measure, among other items, park visitor physical activity, quality of life, motivations, attitudes, opinions, constraints, and actual and latent recreation activity demand.

In March, Hendricks presented a poster “Revisiting the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights” at the 2015 California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) Leisure Research Symposium in Sacramento, Calif.

In April, Hendricks gave a presentation at the 2015 National Outdoor Recreation Conference in Annapolis, Md. focused on Latino and non-Latino support for California outdoor recreational opportunities. In October Hendricks co-presented a paper at the 2014 National Recreation and Park Association Leisure Research Symposium in Charlotte, N.C. titled, “Exploring the Relationship Between the Provision of Parks and Recreation and Quality of Life in California.”

In a similar vein, looking at park user attitudes and perception, Hendricks presented “Jackson Demonstration State Forest Visitor Characteristics, Attitudes, and Perceptions" at the CPRS Leisure Research Symposium and along with former RPTA graduate student Katherine Soule, Hendricks is also a co-author on an article “Visitor Use, Attitudes, and Perceptions at Mount San Jacinto State Wilderness” in the August 2015 issue of International Journal of Wilderness.

RPTA Professors Brian Greenwood and Keri Schwab held Cal Poly’s first Learn by Doing conference on campus in May. The conference was the first part of a larger project that will include an eventual book and will examine and showcase what Learn by Doing means, how it is enacted and how it impacts students, faculty and alumni.

The all-day event consisted of 13 sessions, showcasing some of the best examples of Learn by Doing on campus. Presentations ranged from what students learned when they created and published a political science journal to how students learn about economics by creating rock music videos. During lunch, informational posters were displayed showcasing an additional 16 examples of Learn by Doing.

Guests could mingle and chat those who completed the projects. The event started and concluded with comments by both Greenwood and Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong.

“From the beginning of my time here at Cal Poly, the RPTA faculty and leadership encouraged me to be innovative in developing skills and knowledge relative to teaching and learning in an active and experiential way,” said Greenwood. “Learn by Doing is integrated into the core fabric of what we do in RPTA, and I am very excited about the role that Professor Schwab and I are playing in leading the development of this conference and the publication of this book.”

Greenwood, Schwab and two collaborators will continue to conduct focus groups and interviews with students, faculty and alumni to gather personal anecdotes and experiences of Learn By Doing, which will later be incorporated into a book. Stay tuned to both the RPTA Department’s website and More than a Motto websites for updates. The RPTA Department is honored that both Greenwood and Schwab are showcasing just how unique and special the Cal Poly Learn by Doing motto is to faculty, students, staff and alumni.

In addition to her study on Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing philosophy, Schwab published an article based on her dissertation. The article, titled “Towards a Model of Optimal Family Leisure” was published in the Annals of Leisure Research in February. The study examined the structural characteristics of family life that can impede or promote family leisure, as well as the commonly desired outcomes of family leisure.

Other notable RPTA faculty accolades include:

* Professor Jerusha Greenwood gave a presentation based on research conducted on opinions and attitudes of users of parks and open space in the state. She presented this at the California Trails & Greenways Conference, and the information helped those in attendance think about ways to work with the public, and to market parks, trails and facilities.

* Professor Brian Greenwood was the keynote speaker at the Northern California American Camp Association conference and spoke about youth development and sports.

* Professor Kevin Lin, gave a presentation at the Travel and Tourism Research Association conference on Developing a Trade Show Exhibitor’s Overall Satisfaction Measurement Scale and was co-author of a paper presented at the Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Determinants of Tourism Participation: Evidence from China.

* In addition, Professors Schwab and Susan Mackenzie are immersed in a multi-year project focused on finding ways to motivate youth to recreate in the outdoors. The project started with funding from the U.S. Forest Service and continues with funding from the California State University Agricultural Research Institute. The main objective of the upcoming phase of research will be to isolate key messages that resonate with urban youth regarding outdoor experiences. Schwab presented initial findings from the project at the Nevada Recreation and Park Society conference in April in Reno, Nev. The entire team, including six RPTA faculty members and Professor Lindsey Higgins from the Agribusiness Department, will present the project’s findings at the National Recreation and Park Association Conference in Las Vegas in September. Stay tuned for more exciting projects from our faculty!

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Staff for "The Report" are nominated by RPTA faculty for demonstrating excellent writing skills in RPTA classes. Student writers then coordinate with the editor and faculty advisor Dr. Keri Schwab to develop and write articles.

The co-editors for Summer 2015 are Alyssa Beatton (RPTA '16) & Anna Bach (RPTA '16). Alyssa & Anna honed their skills as staff writers and are now in their first year as co-editors.

The staff writers for "The Report" include one returnee, Ari Kamp (RPTA '15), Sierra Frost (RPTA '17) and Jenna Arocha (RPTA '17). Read more about the staff.

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